'Keyhole and key'


From  "Finally Wear the Piano,'' an exhibition of large-scale paintings by Korean artist JUNG HUR, at the Corey Daniels Gallery,  Wells, Maine, May 30-June 30.

The gallery says that  in the show, Mr. Hur explores how objects take form, acquire a name, and become iconic symbols that can then be appropriated for other things, such as a logo, and influence other areas of cultural currency and eventually, ... land on a T-shirt. "I am interested in how many steps does it take to finally wear the piano and what does that process look like."

For this current work, Mr. Hur has developed his own version of the ubiquitous yin-yang symbol. "My symbol is a keyhole and key. It implies a visual lens, a door to pass through and different perspectives. It implies the relationship between looking and the process of perspective."