Magic mountain


"Katahdin From Sandy Stream Pond'' (oil on panel), at the "Inspired by Katahdin'' show of 48 artists at the Harlow Gallery, Hallowell, Maine, Nov. 7-29.

Some readers well know the thrill of climbing Mt. Katahdin, which, while  not New England's highest mountain, may be its most spectacular. I've climbed it, and when not driven to distraction by late-spring black flies, was thrilled.

Your vertigo gets a good test in  walking  the "Knife Edge,'' which connects Baxter and Pamola peaks at  the top of the mountain; the "Knife Edge'' is only a few feet wide, with nearly sheer cliffs  dropping off on each side.

As we started across, I was not unhappy that clouds moved across the top of the mountain, obscuring just how exposed we were.


-- Robert Whitcomb