Revolutionary move to Pawtucket?

Adapted from Robert Whitcomb's "Digital Diary'' in

A group of us were talking the other day about the Pawtucket (R.I.) Red Sox’s plan for a multi-recreational-use downtown “Park of Pawtucket’’ at and around a successor stadium of McCoy Stadium. The PawSox organization says it would provide “recreation, entertainment and other amenities year-round,’’ including “concerts, hockey and certain family attractions.’’ Soundsnice, but it’s still hard to see how well this would work without a covered stadium, considering that annual cold snap called “winter’’. The “Park of Pawtucket’’ concept is obviously part of the pitch to get state money to help pay for a McCoy replacement.

Meanwhile, the CEO of GoLocal, Josh Fenton, suggested (in jest?) that the New England Revolution move its base to this new stadium from Gillette Stadium, in Foxboro. Unlike at Gillette, it might often have a chance of filling the stands at a new facility to be shared with the PawSox. Rhode Island, in part because of its large Hispanic and Asian community, loves soccer. And such a move would pull deep-pocketed Robert Kraft, the owner of the Revolution and the New England Patriots, into Rhode Island.

I wonder if the biggest sport in most of the world -- soccer (or "football'' as it's usually called in English-English) -- will ever reach the popularity of  that more brutal (brain damage, anyone?) game we call "football'' in the U.S.