Addison Galleries

Floored by the debate

"Asleep'' (oil on wood panel and video projection) by Bahareh and Farzaneh Safarani, in the twins' show "Projecting Her,'' at Addison Galleries, Boston, through Oct. 30. Raised in Tehran, they have been painting together since they were 13. Their subject matter seems to "allude to a conversation about identity.,'' especially as Iranian women, says Addison.

Round and round

walker "Back and Forth'' (oil on canvas), by JOHN WALKER,  in the show "John Walker: New Works,'' at the Addison Galleries, Boston Nov. 7-21.

"Not since John Marin burst upon the American art scene in the 1920s and 30s have paintings of Maine succeeded to a comparable degree in setting a new standard for pictorial innovation in the art world at large."

-- Hilton Kramer, "Painter John Walker Evokes Maine Coast," New York Observer, Aug. 9, 2004.



Whoever wins the election on Tuesday, it can be said without reservation that the public, in all its confused glory, will, as of January, blame the newly elected officials for doing exactly what the public complained that the tossed-out officials were doing.