Putting abstractions on paper

"Boundary''( installation shot --  ink and acrylic on cut paper), by BARBARA OWEN, for her show at Grimshaw-Gudewicz Gallery, in Fall River, through June 28.

She says:

"Starting with hand-painted paper I cut out shapes, leaving them whole or retaining a simple boundary, before assembling them into painting-like compositions, the end result being highly colorful and vibrant abstractions.''

"How I find my shapes and where they come from is not arbitrary. However, the shapes are simply organic figures reminiscent of circles or flower petals or the shape of a face. They are significant to me in that after several years of painting abstractly I began to notice a pattern of shapes that I liked to make or that pleased me. ''

"I started extracting or isolating these from those layers of abstraction. These shapes are present in my paintings and now in the works made from paper – they are just being used differently. In a way they emerged from chaos and became organized and now they have been abstracted again through process.''