'Blue States' blues?


An article in The American Spectator predictably touts Texas and other Red States and whomps the New England states for their economic slow growth and fiscal problems, and, by implication,  all other "Blue States''.


It is an entertaining article, but it conveniently fails to note that the  major indices of  public well being and prosperity are higher in New England than the Sunbelt.  After all the years of hype about the economic glories of the Sunbelt,  the richest states in per-capita income continue to be those old lefty states in the Northeast. Also, health, education, public infrastructure (though that's decaying most everywhere). family stability and so on are better in commie New England.

Also, the writer is a bit behind the times on lefty California's economic woes vs.  righty Texas. In fact California' s  (land of Silicon Valley) economy and fiscal condition have been improving.