'The commons' and private property in New Haven


The ExcessNYC cargo bike hits the streets of Brooklyn in 2010 to deliver food from a landfill for people to heat or compost instead. Photo by BROOKE SINGER and RICHARD MIRANDO.


"Vagaries of the Commons,'' the current exhibition (through Sept. 13) at Artspace, in New Haven, "attempts to make sense of the increasingly complex but vital notion of 'the commons'. Legislation regulating 'the commons' has moved into the digital realm and increased privatization across America's major industries (health care, education and the arts) makes life-sustaining resources available to only a part of the population,'' says the gallery's over-the-top blurb.

It's hard to starve to death in America. Maybe ''life-enhancing'' is what they meant instead of "life-sustaining''?

Anyway,  '''..{T}he  featured artists remake private spaces into common spaces, reflect on private objects that temporarily dot New Haven's commons (the central New Haven Green, steps from Artspace, for example) and apply for the right to trespass on private domain.''