'Cosmic center'

''Fountainhead Stupa''  (assemblage), by DANIEL STUPAR, in his show at Cade Tompkins Projects, Providence, through March 7.
The gallery says:
"Daniel Stupar’s  recent work is inspired by the metaphysical concepts associated with axis mundi or cosmic center. In this construct an axis mundi is both a physical and spiritual marker of sorts, designating a point as geographic center of earth as well as a kind of column suggesting transcendence. While axis mundi is typically associated with Hinduism, all cultures throughout history have shared in the mythology. Newari stupa architecture, East Asian pagodas, Muslim minarets, the spires of Catholic cathedrals, May poles and totem poles all serve as types of axis mundi. In the secular world one can think of skyscrapers, lighthouses, copulas even the Washington monument and perhaps most poignant of these, the two beams of light pointed skyward from Ground Zero'' {in Lower Manhattan}.