Shades of green, if not obscene



"Taking on the Obscenery III'' (ink and gesso on paper), by JASMINA JANOWSKI, in her show "Taking in the Obscenery,'' at Heather Gaudio Fine Art, in New Canaan, Conn., Feb. 21-April 11.

We see no signs of obscenity here. Perhaps a reference to the sexuality assorted with the coming of spring and its green? "In the spring of the year/ inhibitions disappear....''

Anyway, the gallery's notes say:

"Danowski translates personal situational experiences onto canvas and paper, creating vibrantly harmonious poetic abstractions that are filled with a richness of color and texture. Drawing from memories or associations with places or situations, she starts by dabbing the pigment onto a prepared surface, allowing the medium to respond to the marks she creates: at times a bevy of paint, at others an isolated gestural mark reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy.''