Robert B. Whitcomb

New England Diary is a general-interest commentary, news, literary and art Web site that  often looks at the world through  a regional optic. However, even when looking at local and regional matters, it seeks things of universal interest.

The editor of the site, Robert Whitcomb  is a veteran editor and writer. Among his jobs, he  has served as the finance editor of the International Herald Tribune, in Paris; as a vice president and the editorial-page editor of The Providence Journal; as an editor and writer in New York for The Wall Street Journal,  and as a writer for the Boston Herald Traveler (RIP). He has written newspaper and magazine essays and news stories for many years on a very wide range of topics for numerous publications,  has edited several books and movie scripts and is the co-author of the book 'Cape Wind'. He writes a weekly column for GoLocal24.com.