High Gothic Revival in the 'Quiet Corner'

 Roseland Cottage was built in 1846 in the Gothic Revival style as the summer home of Henry Chandler Bowen and family. The entire complex, with a boxwood parterre garden, an icehouse, garden house, and a carriage barn with a private bowling alley, reflects the principles of writer and designer Andrew Jackson Downing.

The hilly rural and exurban northeast corner of Connecticut, often called the state's "Quiet Corner,'' has many lovely things to look at.  One is the quirky Gothic Revival Roseland Cottage-Bowen House museum, in Woodstock, built in 1846  as a summer place for a rich family from New York City. We love its slightly crazy stained-glass windows, pointed arches and crockets, along with its spectacular gardens, with boxwood parterres and thousands of flowers.

Also on the property are such features as an aviary,  a garden house, an old-fashioned bowling alley and an icehouse.

The place is open for tours June 1-Oct. 15. Check into it at: historicnewengland.org