Set up 'microgrids'

A microgrid with  renewable energy resources  in grid-connected mode .

A microgrid with renewable energy resources in grid-connected mode.

From Robert Whitcomb's "Digital Diary,'' in

With recent storms and widespread power failures in eastern New England reminding us of the fragility of our regional electricity grid, many experts are looking at creating  more “microgrids.’’ Those are localized groups of electricity sources that normally operate connected to the traditional centralized electrical grid but can also be disconnected to "island mode"  and function autonomously. Of course the storms are also leading many consumers to buy gas or diesel generators and/or to take the big step of installing their own green source of power – especially  rooftop solar panels.

We’re unlikely to experience fewer storms in the future, and the tops of New England’s glorious big and heavily leafed  (for six months a year) deciduous trees  are thick over many electrical lines. I doubt if the public would be willing to pay to bury them all!