Civic slobs and gender 'self-identifiers'

A couple of questions that have been occurring to me the last few weeks:

Why do so many people who complain about what they call unfair income inequality and the vast political power of the rich fail to vote?  "The 99%'' could, one would think, vote in large enough numbers to easily offset the efforts of "the 1%'' to protect their power and their bank accounts in Panama or wherever.

The answer is that most Americans are civic slobs who don't bother to take 15 minutes to vote. They get the country they deserve.

The other question is why someone who opposes a "civil-rights'' law to mandate that anyone can "self-identify'' in either gender at any time and barge into a public bathroom formerly assigned to one (biologically provable) sex is "bigoted''. We've gone way off the rails.

--- Robert Whitcomb