Pope's fatuous push on refugees

So Pope Francis wants the most humane place in the world -- the West, and especially Western Europe -- to help many more refugees without suggesting that, for example,  Russia,  with  its vast space, help, which it does not at all. Yet again, let the West do everything!

The most generous people in the world are asked to do more while the Pope fails to denounce the cause of the refugee problem -- Islamic fascism, worsened by the Putin gangster regime's help for mass-murderer Bashar Assad,  the Syrian dictator and pal of Russian thug-in chief Vladimir Putin.

And it's easy for the Pope, who doesn't have to deal with the complications of absorbing millions of immigrants with non-Western  backgrounds (and some with anti-Western ideas)  into Europe  to make glib pronouncements about letting them all in.

The Pope is fatuous. 

-- Robert Whitcomb