Bathroom bathos: Some Democrats' obsessive identity politics

Yet again some Democrats' obsession with identity politics undermines the traditional Democratic strengths onbroad socio-economic issues.  The latest example of this stupidity is the Obama administration's obsession with forcing states to let anyone self-declare his or her sex and use public bathrooms that by any criteria of common sense and history should only be used by people according to their biological sex -- i.e., by their sex.

The idea that anyone can make a (nonphysiological)  gender "choice'' and  move between facilities that by prudence and tradition are assigned to one sex is ridiculous. This will lose the Democrats quite a few votes that they could otherwise have won by appealing to voters for the right to address the downward mobility that most Americans now deal with.

The Democrats need another FDR, not a campaign for unisex bathrooms.

-- Robert Whitcomb