Baby birds and humanity


“Mourning dove, ‘’ by Julie Zickefoose, in her show “Baby Birds: An Artist Looks into the Nest,’’ at Mass Audubon, Lincoln, Mass., through Sept. 18.

The gallery notes say: “Being in nature and viewing the world around us gives humanity a deeper insight towards ourselves and how we fit into the universe. Artist Julie Zickefoose acknowledges this connection and focuses on baby birds, from eggs throughout their lives in her current exhibition…. Ms. Zickefoose, who is an author, artist and naturalist in addition to being a wildlife rehabilitator, feels a strong connection to nature and feels it is important to show this passion through artwork. Not only are these images based on birds she had seen in nature, but also some in which she felt an even stronger connection to: orphaned baby birds who Julie nursed back to health until they were ready to survive on their own within their natural habitat.’’