Closely watched trains

"Restored Memories,'' by Zolt Asta, at Galatea Fine Art, Boston, in September.

These pictures are eerie and evocative of Europe's 20th Century totalitarian horrors. Some evil actors in the world now, particularly Putin, ISIS, Assad, China and North Korea, arouse some existential fears that we had thought would not be around again for a long time.

Mr. Asta is a Hungarian. He writes, not about the images here but in general about his work:

My aim is to investigate the role of the human soul in today's technocratic society. During the renaissance period the centre of the universe was located in people, but now as it seems its place was taken by the instruments of the consumer society. I wonder how could the human presence disappear? It still manifest but in a more hidden and coded way. I depict these coded and hidden situations by using various media. I juxtapose the sterile and remote world with lyric and often romantic human contexts. I tend to use sacral motives since I believe the human soul is sacral in essence.’’