Evacuate upper Buzzards Bay?

Excepted from Robert Whitcomb's Aug 25 Digital Diary column in GoLocalProv.

The most recent Louisiana floods raise again the issue of what to with people living in places increasingly prone to  fresh- and saltwater flooding  (and in some places drought) because of global warming.  I think it’s becoming  obvious that many areas, including much of Louisiana, will have to be permanently evacuated.

Much closer to home, as Hurricane Bob proved in 1991, the upper part of Buzzards Bay is very vulnerable. Bob drove a 15-foot storm surge into Wareham and Bourne, doing great damage. And the South County, R.I., barrier beaches are imperiled. I can foresee a time, even in my remaining lifetime, when government, in part compelled by insurance companies, orders thousands or even millions of people to leave their coastal houses for good.

For an example of how structures on the water can be made relatively flood-proof seewhat the IYRS School of Technology and Trades plans for a new building in Newport.  (IYRS stands for International Yacht Restoration School.) Read the story in the Providence Business News at this link: