UMass Dartmouth event will look at the Blue Economy


This recently came in from our friends at the New England Council (

"The University of Massachusetts at  Dartmouth and the Council on Competitiveness will co-host an event focused on the Blue Economy on Thursday, April 19, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the university’s Claire T. Carney Library, at 285 Old Westport Rd., Dartmouth, Mass.

"The event, 'Catching the Next Wave: Building the Blue Economy through Innovation and Collaboration,' will explore the development of Massachusetts’s Blue Economy, which includes commercial fishing and fish processing, offshore wind, marine science and technology, tourist and other industries. Leading experts in business, government, labor, and academia will speak on innovations and entrepreneurial ventures that will shape the Blue Economy and the collective ability to balance economic imperatives and environmental constraints.

"The event is part of the Inauguration Week activities for Robert E. Johnson, the new chancellor of UMass Dartmouth. If interested, you can view the program and register for the event here.