At The Breakers, more revenue, no more porta potties

The Great Hall of The Breakers.

The Great Hall of The Breakers.

Adapted from Robert Whitcomb’s “Digital Diary,’’ in

The Preservation Society of Newport County has told me that for the six months July to December (month-to-date) this year the new Welcome Center at The Breakers mansion has brought the society $350,000 more than it got in the year-earlier period at The Breakers. Back then, the center hadn’t yet opened and only memberships and tickets were for sale. The Welcome Center sells beverages and light meals. The society said that was a 10 percent increase in revenue for the society at The Breakers.

Of course, the Welcome Center aroused much neighborhood opposition, which delayed it for years. Foes were divided between those who didn’t want the new facility at all and those who wanted it, if it had to be built, across the street from The Breakers, the most famous Newport mansion.

In any case, good riddance to the port-a-potties that had served as the rest rooms for the public at The Breakers!