A Syrian artist's 'Homeland inSecurity'

This was just sent to us by Boston's Lanoue Gallery,  which, in collaboration with the office of Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton and Harvard University’s Middle East Initiative, is presenting an  exhibition called ""Homeland inSecurity,'' featuring sculpture and installation works by Mohamad Hafez.

Mr.  Hafez, who was born in Syria and is a permanent resident of the United States, is an architect and artist currently residing with his family in New Haven. Lanoue says that the artwork featured in "Homeland inSecurity'' came out of Mr. Hafez’s "pained response'' to seeing media coverage of his homeland, which has been devastatedby a war that has turned more than 11 million Syrians into refugees. 

The exhibition showcases 20 works by Mr. Hafez, some of which feature lighting and sounds recorded in Syria giving viewers a multi-sensory experience.  It will be the largest exhibit of his work to date. He says of the exhibition opportunity, “My art is a voice for the Syrian refugees, for Muslim Americans, for forced migrants. I understand the fear of the unknown.''