'American exceptionalism'?

From Robert Whitcomb's "Digital Diary,'' in GoLocal24.col

Politicians and other leaders and some intellectuals like to repeat that America is uniquely “exceptional’’ in its glory and goodness. But of course in many ways it’s like many other countries in its vulnerability to corruption and demagoguery. It has been very lucky: A vast country rich in natural resources (to be taken away from the relatively few Indians and, for a long time, exploited in part with slavery), English common law, Enlightenment ideas about the rule of law and human rights and some of that good old Puritan ethic. And of course protection for a long time by oceans shielding it from bad guys (or even good guys) in Eurasia. No more!

To read historian Joshua Zeitz’s rumination on “American exceptionalism,’’ please hit this link: