App will tell you if you're drunk

The Worcester Telegram reports:

“Brainiacs at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have developed a first-of-its-kind smartphone app that can tell its user if he or she has had too much alcohol to drink without the use of blood, breath or sobriety tests.

“WPI associate professor of computer science Emmanuel Agu conceived of the app idea, which predicts a person's blood alcohol content with 90 percent accuracy, on average, and will actually ‘buzz when you're buzzed."’

“Dubbed AlcoGait, the app runs in the background on the user's smartphone, continuously analyzing the person's walking pattern, or gait, for anomalies. Users can track their intoxication level to decide when to stop drinking, and the app will send a text message and make the phone buzz when the user's gait indicates he or she has likely exceeded the legal limit.’’

We all hope that this device will be on the market by New Year’s Eve next year.