Celtics, GE team up to promote STEM in Boston public schools

This from the New England Council (newenglandcouncil.com):

"The Boston Celtics and General Electric (GE) are joining forces to encourage curiosity in math and science in Boston public schools.''

"The GE Foundation, the corporation’s philantrropic arm, is teaming up with the Boston Celtics to engage students in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) subjects in public schools throughout Boston. Mobile teaching labs will be placed near schools as part of GE’s 'Brilliant Career Play' initiative and will offer activities such as 3-D printing of basketball sneakers. This STEM initiative is part of a larger partnership between the Celtics and GE with the latter providing various services to the Celtics who have placed the GE logo on their jerseys.''

“'While we’re starting in Boston with nine schools, the plan is to take this mobile learning lab across the state,' said Ann R. Klee, who leads the GE Foundation. ''

'''We’re able to do that in partnership with the Celtics, and we’re really excited about what they bring to the table in terms of making science and math cool. By working with the Celtics, we’re going to have access to all these kids who love basketball, and now they’re going to realize they love math and science too.'''