Chris Powell: In school sports, pretending boys are girls cheats the girls

Trangender Pride Flag.

Trangender Pride Flag.

Two Connecticut high school boys who want to be girls keep winning track meets in the girls division as political correctness keeps trumping fairness. For few people dare to complain about it -- shamefully, not even many parents of female athletes who train hard but may never be recognized as winners as long as athletic conference rules pretend that boys can be girls.

The continued victories of the transsexual runners show that gender is biological and physiological reality, not some mere "social construct," and that males tend to have natural athletic advantages.

There may be no reason to divide some sports leagues into male and female divisions -- skill levels and age may be better ways of organizing leagues to assure the competitiveness of teams -- but for individual achievements, each sex must enjoy its own division if girls and women are to enjoy equal opportunity.

It's a free country and males should be free to present themselves as females and vice versa just as people should be free to live their lives as they choose. That's nobody's business but their own. But those who accept biological and physiological reality have rights, too. Parents especially should start speaking up for them, lest they implicitly teach their daughters to yield to PC intimidation.

* * *

A HOLIDAY FOR DEMOCRATS: Would designating Election Day as a state holiday encourage voter participation? That is nominally the premise of legislation introduced by Sen. Marilyn Moore, D-Bridgeport, but it's wrong.

For designating Election Day as a state holiday will benefit only state and municipal government employees, the foremost constituency of the Democratic Party. State government will have to observe the day off but private-sector employers will not have to do so any more than they have to observe any of the gratuitous state holidays that already benefit only government employees, like Columbus Day and Good Friday.

The Election Day holiday legislation will benefit government employees not just by giving them another paid day off but also by freeing them to work on Election Day in the campaigns of Democratic candidates without having to exchange another paid holiday, as many government employees now do to maintain their control of the party.

Even if the legislation is amended to subtract Columbus Day or Good Friday from the state government holiday list -- which should be done anyway -- designating Election Day as a holiday still will encourage even more government employees to campaign for Democrats on the day of voting.

Thus the bill is just a sneaky form of one-sided public financing of campaigns.

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MURPHY ERASES UK'S BORDERS TOO: In a recent essay Connecticut U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy warned the United Kingdom against leaving the European Union and Americans against encouraging British independence. How ironic that Britain should get such advice from a high official of a country that won its own independence through war against Britain when it was a colonial power.

But the advice is less ironic coming from Murphy. For while Britain voted to leave the E.U. in large part to regain control of its borders and immigration policy, Murphy does not believe that his own country should control its own borders any more than Britain should. No, Murphy believes in "catch and release" for illegal immigrants and "sanctuary" cities and states that nullify federal immigration law.

Loss of control of immigration means a country's dissolution, as the British are figuring out. Will Americans figure it out?

Chris Powell is a columnist for the Journal Inquirer, in Manchester, Conn.