Subsidizing Republicans' religion racketeers

From Robert Whitcomb's "Digital Diary,'' in

Republican Party leaders, now glued to right-wing evangelicals, often allege that Democrats, atheists and “globalists’’ are on a campaign to somehow persecute “Christians’’ (including devout ones such as Trump…) in America. You hear this a lot from rich con-men televangelists and “conservative’’ cable-TV and radio performers. But in fact, organized religion has a hell of a deal in this country; it’s one of our most protected groups and helps to concoct public policy.

Not only do politicians cynically feel that they must suck up to religious extremists, no matter how ignorant, as long as they call themselves “Christians,’’ but more importantly, churches, including those that effectively operate as adjuncts of the GOP, don’t pay taxes. The rest of us have to make up the money, whatever we think of their politics, which we in effect subsidize.

Hit this link to see where some of TV evangelist-GOP operative Pat Robertson's millions went. Lots of suckers out there!