Greentown Labs given role in promoting American-Made Solar Prize


From The New England Council (

“Greentown Labs was recently selected as one of five organizations that will help grow the American-Made Solar Prize. The Solar Prize was created to facilitate competition to revitalize U.S. solar manufacturing and as a Power Connector, Greentown Labs will be awarded $100,000 to ensure the Solar Prize’s success.

Somerville, Mass.-based Greentown Labs, the largest clean-tech incubator in the country, has long dedicated itself to supporting the development of technology that simultaneously provides energy to our growing population while minimizing our impact on the environment. It has cemented itself in the center of the industry, where it can harness the combined power and capabilities of clean-tech startups, innovators, investors and experts. This network allows Greentown Labs to provide immense support to the American-Made Solar Prize and to the American solar industry at large. In May 2019, Greentown Labs will host the ‘Go! Contest’ at the conclusion of the final competition. Along with an array of competitors, the event will feature distinguished judges and stakeholders, to help move the competitors’ innovations forward.

Dr. Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs, said, ‘The American-Made Solar Prize incentivizes the nation’s entrepreneurs to rapidly discover, research, iterate, and bring new solutions to market to expand solar manufacturing in the United States. Our team is working to help startups bring their hardware-focused innovations to market faster through our startup-oriented programming and we’re eager to support more early-stage companies in their solar manufacturing efforts.’

The New England Council congratulates Greentown Labs, a NEC member, on this partnership with the American-Made Solar Prize and commends it for its support of entrepreneurs working to transform the future of energy.