A scenic and mostly soothing job over the water

Bridge tender’s house in Chicago.

Bridge tender’s house in Chicago.

From Robert Whitcomb’s “Digital Diary,’’ in GoLocal24.com

Patrick Skahill, of Connecticut Public Radio, has written a delightful piece about a guy who moves New Haven’s Grand Avenue Swing Bridge to let bigger boats in and out of the Quinnipiac River where it approaches Long Island Sound. The tender, Maurice Little, has a job, which he performs in a little house at the bridge, that, of course, requires occasional close attention but allows for a lot of relaxation, too. Boat operators must call him ahead to let him know they need to come through. There’s lots of waiting, especially, I imagine, from September to May, when there are relatively few pleasure boats coming through.

Mr. Little told the reporter that his wife says: “Oh your job is boring.’’ He responds: “No it’s not boring. I’m used to it. I enjoy my job,’’ which gives him plenty of time to read books and look at his computer. And he can enjoy the ever-changing light and weather and boat traffic. Indeed, he might get enough material for a novel or at least a lyric poem.

Sounds like a nice job, but maybe best for a reflective and ruminative person finishing up his/her working years after a more strenuous career.

To read and hear the piece, please hit this link.