MassMutual eliminating traditional job titles


From The New England Council (

Springfield-based MassMutual, the insurance and other financial services company, has eliminated traditional job titles from their staff as part of a strategy aimed at creating a more agile and innovative environment for its employees. This approach comes from the idea that what you do is more meaningful than what you are called.

MassMutual began implementing these changes two years ago, starting with the executive titles at the assistant vice president level and above. As new hires were made, titles such as ‘head of’ or ‘lead’ were used instead of traditional descriptors. Rather than create more confusion, employees say that the new titles provide greater clarity around each employee’s role. Early employee feedback on the transition has been positive.

MassMutual’s head of Human Resources and Employee Experience, Susan Cicco, explained, “For us, it’s also about finding, attracting and retaining top talent that is intellectually curious and wants to work in a collaborative environment where they can continue to learn, gain experience, be empowered and valued for what they contribute.”