Of time, place and health

This just in from the Dedee Shattuck Gallery, in Westport, Mass., about the show “where lines meet,’’ which runs to Feb. 19. The gallery describes the show, in part:

“’where lines meet’ is a photographic installation to create a space for contemplation, conversation, and community. This project addresses artist Heather Hobler's ongoing investigation into well being. 


‘“where lines meet’ is an installation of medium format film photographs of the same vista facing south over Buzzards Bay, the view from Heather's home. The project began innocently as snapshots meant to record time, but quickly built into a reflective rhythmic ritual of getting back to life and art after the artist’s battle with cancer. Beyond the beauty of each photograph, the collection intrigues and soothes with the dynamic and subtle power of both its consistency and comparison. It was in the collecting of the images that it became obvious to Heather this was a continuation and distillation of her art and her life.’’