Oily East Coast to come?

Kelp covered with oil from coastal spill.

Kelp covered with oil from coastal spill.

The Trump administration wants to allow oil and gas drilling off the East Coast, except off big swing state Florida. But Republican and Democratic governors and local leaders are up in arms about it because of the potentially devastating effect on tourism -- people generally don’t like oily beaches – and fishing.

Trump’s love love of retro, fossil-fuel energy seems particularly vivid when seen against the news of the big wind turbine installations soon to go up south of Massachusetts.

Some fishermen --- squid catchers particularly -- are concerned about the impact of  setting up these “wind farms,’’ but they should think about what an oil spill could do. And, as has been shown in European coastal wind farms, the wind-turbine foundations act as reefs,  which can increase the number of  fish (and species) around coastal and offshore wind installations. Hit this link to read more on this.

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