Plan B for the stadium


The economic Bird of Paradise;

That giant Construction Crane,

Seeks tragi-comic sacrifice

With compliant taxpayer drain.


Skeffington wants a deal sunny,

An investor’s modest desire.

By using other people’s money,

A financial homerun is sure-fire!


Best yet from our “Partner” to be:

Pay no taxes and get the land free!

And those drains; public funded the price.

Should public funds pay for them twice?


The best government money can buy;

Withhold campaign funds as leverage.

It’s pie-a-la-mode-in-the-sky,

The public’s not up for your beverage.


The boon of your plan’s a charade!

Prove us wrong; drink your own Kool-Aid!


Here’s Plan “B” for you to deploy,

In case one has to save face.

Buy the land surrounding McCoy,

And “Kraft” your own “PAWSOX PLACE.”


                -- Allan Klepper