Saturday greetings in spite of it all

Pollen grains from various plants.

Pollen grains from various plants.

There's a regime whose core is soaked in vast public and public corruption running the Executive Branch of the federal government. This Mafia-like group, the Trump-Kushner clan, engages in what may be treasonous collaboration with a murderous foreign dictatorship. Meanwhile, our civic life continues to rot, as large parts of the public make no effort to follow facts and, in their wishful thinking, have made themselves clay in the hands of demagogues and con men. The duties of citizenship are forgotten.

And, no, the mobsters sort of in charge of the government are not "conservatives.'' 

Still, the sun is supposed to shine a bit  around here  today after days or rain -- rain that has lightened the load of pollen in the air. So more of us can breathe more freely for a few hours. But wait until the plants dry out for a day or two, and the wind comes up, and the hay fever will be worse than ever.

-- Robert Whitcomb