Spare us more show-biz charisma

From Robert Whitcomb's "Digital Diary,'' in

That Oprah Winfrey would be seriously considered as a presidential candidate is just another sign of the American decadence and decline demonstrated in the Electoral College having to present the Oval Office to a con man. But then in a country where fewer and fewer read seriously, ignorance of history and governmental operations is widening and most people get their public information from TV and social media sound and site bites, it’s no wonder that another “charismatic’’ TV celeb would be pushed forward. Perhaps Winfrey’s puffing of various medical and other con artists will block her candidacy, but in a decadent nation, don’t bet on it.

We can hope that successful – and honest -- chief executives, preferably a current state governor who knows how to make government work well, will be the presidential nominees in 2020. (Obama had far too little administrative experience. So did Lincoln, but he was a genius.)

Don’t government experience and knowledge, and judgment under the pressure of very big decisions affecting millions of people, count for much anymore when we’re filling America’s most important job? Have we become that superficial and silly?

Please spare us from another overdose of “charisma.’’