Psychotropic America

Adapted from an item in Robert Whitcomb's "Digital Diary,'' in

Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy is quite right to say that legalizing recreational marijuana throws “gasoline’’ on America’s addiction problems. (And you can bet thatlots of “medical marijuana’’ is being used entirely recreationally.) For some people, pot is yet another gateway drug to worse ones and mental illness.

However,  now that there’s so much cash and potential  big tax revenue in the marijuana industry, don’t look for policymakers to follow Mr. Kennedy’s advice and crack down on this drug, whose use will soon be pervasive everywhere, including among drivers – if it isn't already.

Of course, most of the nation's adults are on psychotropic drugs (coffee is a big one) because of depression,  anxiety, boredom, fatigue, search for adventure or group cohesion. And many of the kids, too.  And the advertising industry will help keep it that way.