Jettisoning our principles in the world


Adapted from an item in Robert Whitcomb's Digital Diary in

Donald Trump fawns over murderous dictators. Of course, America has to deal with nasty regimes. But why praise them?

There are a few possible explanations for Mr. Trump’s remarks. One is that associating with thugs makes our very insecure and intensely narcissistic leader feel stronger himself. Another is that he’s afraid of them. A third is that someone as sleazy as Donald Trump just looks at everything as a possible deal – a transaction for which he might get credit. Along with this is the idea that nations are simply big versions of his own corrupt enterprise – the Trump Organization – and don’t have moral principles. If that is Mr. Trump’s view, it’s difficult to see how America can continue to lead the shrinking “Free World’’.

Mr. Trump’s  hyperbolic emphasis on battling ISIS may be in part a diversion from the fact that Russia and China pose  far, far greater threats to America.

Meanwhile, the president is putting into doubt the basic principles of American foreign policy, principles, which for all their sometimes terrible implementation, have been a light to the world.