Boost for New England 'bluetech'


From Robert Whitcomb’s “Digital Diary,’’ in

The New England Aquarium, a major research institution as well as a big aquarium, and SeaAhead Inc., both based in Boston, have announced that they’re partnering to support the creation and growth of start-ups that “enhance sustainability and ocean conservation. The two groups believe that significant global impact can now be achieved by supporting new bluetech ventures.’’

The two organizations say they seek “to catalyze new business creation by providing … ‘first capital’ to entrepreneurs with a new ocean-related innovation that will have a strong impact on sustainability.’’

Sea-Ahead, which has strong ties with Rhode Island, says of itself: “Our ecosystem includes technologists, scientists, startups, corporations, governments and other ocean stakeholders that are coming together to create impact in areas including greener shipping and ports, aquaculture and fishery processes, offshore alternative energy and smart cities.’’

Sea-Ahead’s Web site

and The New England Aquarium’s.