Brickbottom Gallery

Between stillness and action


From left,  "Chicago El'' (detail) (pigment print on mylar), by GARY DUEHR; "Cuba #29'' (detail)  (pigment print, oil, resin and wood), by JENNIFER LISTON MUNSON; "Michigan Motel,'' (detail) (oil on canvas), by DAVID PALMQUIST.

They're in the "MOTION, MEMORY'' show at Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, Mass., March 12-April 11

The gallery notes that this fascinating show  presents the work of three artists whose work is a hybrid of photography, painting or printmaking.

"Although photography’s origin is that of freezing motion (and time) as a way of preserving memory, each of these artists explores how photography, when altered or extended, can allow motion to partially wipe away the memory of a place or event. They all owe a debt to Einstein’s notion that time only occurs when change happens; if nothing changes, time does not pass. These three artists try to catch the moment of transition between stillness and action.''

"How often we want to freeze time and how often to speed it up!'' Of course, the desire to freeze time tends increase with age.


Dining vs. digital delirium


"Sam and Don'' (digital print), by PAUL WEINER,  at Brickbottom Gallery,  in Somerville, Mass., in the show "Anxiety and Relief in the 21st Century,'' Sept. 7-Oct. 18.

The gallery asks how  we can turn anxiety into relief in our far-too-fast, churning, Internet-driven world.  We suppose having an unrushed dinner with the lights turned down helps. So, the gallery argues, does making art.