Cool water, warm rocks, swift summers


"Sunday Afternoon'' (oil on canvas), by GAY FREEBORN, at the Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, Center Sandwich, N.H.

One of my fondest memories is taking my young children to float on the White River or on the little lake spanned by the Floating Bridge, both in eastern Vermont, at this time of year.

It was for a  week or two each summer for perhaps four years, until they wanted wider and wilder society, and high childhood was over.

--- Robert Whitcomb


Our strange inter-species collaboration

grins4 From the "Just for Grins'' series (oil, heavy gesso on canvas) of GAY FREEBORN at the Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, in Center Sandwich, N.H.

The relationship,  and especially the deep bonds of affection between  dogs -- those smelly, sometimes affectionate, sometimes vicious descendents of wolves -- and people, in all their complexity, never ceases to amaze me. We are both pack animals and it's astonishing how much the two packs have merged.

The "Grins'' series seems to celebrate people and their dogs in the summer, where even in New Hampshire it's possible to swim outdoors.