Gallery Seven

We're all stereotypes


"Stephen, Coach/Educator'' (silver gelatin print), by KEVIN J. BRIGGS, in the show "Stereotypes: A Conscious Look at Race, Faith, Gender and Sexual Orientation,'' at Gallery Seven, in Maynard, Mass., through Sept. 26.

Mr. Briggs says that as an African-American, he  had a few episodes in his life that left him with an acute realization that he was sometimes not seen as a distinct individual but as a stereotype.





Collaborative corpse

Mooney "Lime-Vicky,'' by MARY K. MOONEY, in the "Exquisite Corpse: Surrealist Fun'' show at Gallery Seven, Maynard, Mass., through May 22.

"Exquisite Corpse'' is based on an old parlor game invented in the '20s. in it, a piece of paper is folded into three parts.  The gallery explains: "The first artist draws a head and then folds it over and passes it to the  next artist, who is only allowed to see the end of what the previous artist has draw. The next artist draws a torso and the third, the legs. When the paper is unfolded, a collaborative drawing is revealed.''

Better without the players


"First Tee,'' by DIANNE BUNIS,  at Gallery Seven, in Maynard, Mass.

She specializes in large-format black and white photography of the New England landscape, using the Zone System.

With the decline of farming, golf courses are some of the few remaining open stretches of green (or brown) open land in much of the Northeast. That's nice, although they'd look better if they had animals grazing on them. They're wonderful to run in, in the winter.