Ken Kimmell

Nice words for nuclear power

The Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, in southeastern New Hampshire.

The Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, in southeastern New Hampshire.

From Robert Whitcomb’s “Digital Diary,’’ in

‘That the Union of Concerned Scientists, based in Cambridge, Mass., many of whose members have long opposed nuclear energy, now urges that measures be taken to keep financially troubled nuclear-power plants operating shows the increasing anxiety about global warming. Nuclear-power plants emit very little greenhouse gases.

Fossil-fuel-burning power plants would have to provide most of the electricity generation lost when nuclear power plants close. It will take a long time for wind, solar and other green energy to meet the demand. It’s a serious issue in New England, which gets more than a quarter of its electricity from nuclear-power plants!

Ken Kimmell, the organization’s president, released a statement that said:

“These sobering realities {about global warming} dictate that we keep an open mind about all of the tools in the emissions reduction toolbox — even ones that are not our personal favorites. And that includes existing nuclear power plants in the United States, which currently supply about 20 percent of our total electricity needs and more than half of our low-carbon electricity supply.”