Maine Media Library

Travel is so unsettling



Work by BRENDAN BULLOCK in his "Travel Journals'' show at the Maine Media Library, in Rockport, Maine, though Nov. 15. His work features black-and-white  and color photos he took  in India, Newfoundland (above), Tanzania and Peru. Bullock's strangely  intimate images capture the aesthetic  and emotional effects on him of his wide travels.
This picture reminds me of  corners of where I am -- on Cape Breton Island (below is a picture of the island's Cabot Trail)  -- except the fall colors and sea are vivid here today on  this gorgeous but remote and mountainous coast. I'm here with friends to tour around and see the Celtic Colours festival and the land where my Scottish ancestors lived for a while before shoving off to the States to try to make money.
It's hard to believe now that coal-mining was once the major (and very dangerous) industry here.
_-- Robert Whitcomb