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From Gordon Fox to the dwarf planet Ceres....

5 good things about the storm

As host Bruce Newbury and I were discussing  on his  "Talk of the Town'' show this morning on WADK, (1540 A.M.), today's big snow has some advantages: 1. It's beautiful to look at, if outstandingly inconvenient.

2. It forces the cancellation of meetings -- generally a happy thing.

3. It forces an inactivity that leads to useful reflection.

4. It helps ensure that our region will have plenty of fresh water.

5. It encourages National Grid, et al., to prune trees whose boughs might snap onto power lines, thus reducing that threat before hurricane season comes.

-- Robert Whitcomb 


Waterfront casino in Newport?

  I wish my friend Bruce Newberry and I had known about the sale of the Newport Yachting Center to developers. We could have talked about it this morning on his "Talk of the Town'' show on WADK (1540 A.M.).  Would the new owners like to put a nice,  quiet casino there?


The Yatchting  Center has been plagued with complaints about noise from concerts and other events there. Perhaps obsessive-compulsive gamblers would be better neighbors.  They, after all, have to concentrate.