Does the GOP donor class care at all about America?

“ The Worship of  Mammon ,’’   by    Evelyn De Morgan .

The Worship of Mammon,’’ by Evelyn De Morgan.

"And for four decades, the Republican Party has shown itself to be the party of reckless budgets, runaway deficits and exploding entitlement spending. Just because the GOP donor class is willing to overlook those glaring failures in exchange for a corporate tax cut doesn’t mean other voters will be so blind. This is another Republican tax plan that helps the rich, hurts the poor, increases inequality and blows a hole in the debt. It will also lead to more GOP losses at the polls next year. To the big-money donors driving this bill, all I can say is good luck with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.''


-- From former Republican Congressman and now TV host Joe Scarborough