Trump's push for dirtier water

Northeast bays from space.

Northeast bays from space.

From Robert Whitcomb’s “Digital Diary,’’ in

Of course, the Trump administration wants to roll back federal protections under the Clean Water Act to please mining, agribusiness and real-estate-development interests! If this actually happens, you can expect more pollution, including of public drinking water, as well as damage to fish stocks and other wildlife in wetlands, rivers and lakes. Trump’s plan would harshly affect such coastal bodies of water as Narragansett, Buzzards and Chesapeake bays.

The Trump mob likes to say that the move would return needed power to the states to make determinations on water quality and how to protect it. But many states, especially in the South, that are basically run by big business interests, would simply engage in a race to the bottom of regulations, leaving more environmentally responsible states downstream to handle the new pollution.