What's old is new again, continued

Adapted from Robert Whitcomb's Dec. 8 "Digital Diary'' column in GoLocal24.com

So Amazon is opening up physical-book stores, and vinyl records are making a comeback. One example is Kevin Morosini’s Olympic Records, onincreasingly interesting Wickenden Street, in Providence’s Fox Point neighborhood, near Narragansett Bay. As the (too slowly) developing Route 195 relocation land and the gradually-being-spiffed up waterfront attest, the street can only get more interesting and prosperous.

Mr. Morosini told The Providence Journal that he’s seeing a lot more young people coming in lately to buy vinyl records. Maybe they have discovered what I rediscovered recently a while back while listening to Thelonious Monk (jazz) record I bought in 1966: The sound is richer than with CDs. Other than a few scratches, which only added to the evocativeness (including a romance of the time...) of the music from so long ago, it was in good shape. And it didn’t even have any cigarette burns on it.

I hope  that the young Mr. Morosini can expand his store. And, he’s right, Wickenden also needs a good bookstore. Every street does.