Old churches should diversify functions


From Robert Whitcomb’s “Digital Diary,’’ in GoLocal24.com

The closing of St. Anne’s Church in Fall River, whose twin towers are a much loved feature of the Spindle City’s skyline, as well as the closing of many other Catholic and mainline Protestant churches across America, make me wonder if many could have remained open if their leaderships had been more able and willing to repurpose parts of their churches for regular non-religious functions to bring in revenue before closings became unavoidable.

Probably most of these old churches will never again have the big congregations they once had in more religious times. But many more of the spacious rooms within old churches could be used for small businesses, exercise studios, co-working spaces, artists’ studios and so on, if churches would market those uses much more – and faster -- than they have. The naves would continue to be dedicated to religious services.

Now how to save beautiful St. Anne’s from being torn down? It sure would be a prettier City Hall than the Brutalist beast that now serves as that function! See below.