A look at Brazil after a very tumultuous period

March 9, 2017

To members and friends of the Providence Committee on Foreign Relations (thepcfr.org; pcfremail@gmail.com).

And so the coldest part of the winter comes near the end…. New England’s bizarre climate!

Distinguished Brazilian political economistand commentator Evodio Kaltenecker (whom some of you may remember for a few years ago) willspeak on Thursday, March 16, about the challenges and opportunities facing that huge nation as well as conditions in South America’s Southern Cone – Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

His talk's headline:

Brazil: 2018 and beyond and the pro-market wave in Latin America.

With political upheaval, the Zika virus, economic distress, Olympic agonies and other issues, this will be a good time to look at Latin America’s most important nation.

On  Wednesday, April 5, famed French journalist, novelist and broadcaster Jean Lesieur will speak on the global  order being turned upside down by the advances of dictators, the retreat of democracies and the presidency of Donald Trump, not tomention the existential crisis of the European Union and the wild French election campaign.
Dr. Rand Stoneburner, the international epidemiologist, is now scheduled to speak on Wednesday April 19. He’ll talk about Zika, Ebola and other global health challenges.
James E. Griffin, an expert on ocean fishing and other aspects of the global food sector, will speak to us on Wednesday, May 17.

David Shear, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, under the Obama administration, will speak to us on Thursday, June 1. (He is leaving office of Jan. 20, 2017.) He previously served as United States Ambassador to Vietnam.  He was also formerly deputy assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific affairs at the U.S. Department of State. He’ll talk about Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea, North Korea and other Asia/Pacific topics.
Joining us on Wednesday, June 14, will be Laura Freid, CEO of the Silk Road Project,  founded and chaired by famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma in 1998, promoting collaboration among artists and institutions and studying the ebb and flow of ideas across nations and time. The project was first inspired by the cultural traditions of the historical Silk Road.
Meanwhile, we’re trying to keep some flexibility to respond to events. Everything in human affairs is tentative. ”We make plans and God laughs….’’

Suggestions and contacts are always appreciated!