Boston Children's Hospital partners with 2 R.I. hospitals


From The New England Council (

Boston Children’s Hospital has announced an alliance with two of the region’s top hospitals in an effort to improve treatment for children diagnosed with complex conditions or behavioral health issues. By partnering with Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Bradley Hospital—both in Providence– the process will be streamlined for seriously ill children who need treatments or surgeries that are not offered at all the hospitals.

This new partnership will make it easier for patients at Hasbro Children’s Hospital to see doctors who specialize in stem cell transplants at Boston Children’s Hospital, while allowing that hospital’s patients to access fetal surgeries that are not done at Boston Children’s. The inclusion of Bradley Hospital, which is the nation’s first psychiatric hospital just for children, will round out specialized care options of kids by including mental health.

Sandra L. Fenwick, CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital, said, “This agreement recognizes that great care should be provided as close to a patient’s home as possible, which can be achieved only if we work with other excellent pediatric hospitals. Boston Children’s and Hasbro Children’s together have the determination and know-how to bring the best quality outcomes to patients efficiently.”