Clean up dirty urban rivers with a high-fiber diet?

Using Biomatrix river-cleaning system.

Using Biomatrix river-cleaning system.

Adapted from Robert Whitcomb's "Digital Diary,'' in

Here’s an interesting way to partly clean up urban rivers: Put coconut-fiber beds, made by a company called Biomatrix, along a river’s edge as fake islands and embed a variety of  growing plants in them. The plants suck up nutrients from the water as well as pollutants, which they store and break down, and the roots in the water provide habitats for aquatic species.

Try this in some sections of the mighty Moshassuck and Woonasquatucket rivers in Providence and the Neponset in Massachusetts and along the lower Blackstone in Massachusetts and Rhode Island?

To read more, please hit this link about how they’re doing this in Chicago.